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2005 Christmas List

1. Gift Certificates:
Papaya (Tysons I, new addition)***
Best Buy (so I can get a digital camera; $150 maybe?)***

2. DVDs
Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica Seasons 2&3***
Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica The Final Season***
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days***
Veronica Mars Set**
The Hot Chick*

3. CDs
Lyfe Jennings
Trey Songz
Chris Brown

4. 25” Flatscreen TV with VCR and DVD

5. MAC of course!!

6. CuffzbyLinz Purse***
Style: “Barfly”
Color: “Martini” (Silver)
Description: Barfly - MARTINI: Metallic Silver Lambskin - LightPrinted Jacquard Lining. Handcuff is nickel-plated steel.

[/end spoliedness]

What's on your list?